In this episode, second in the "Design by the Book" series from the New York Public Library, the five artists head to the library to meet with reference librarian Jessica Pigza. Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi also joins us to share his sources of inspiration.

This set of videos features interviews with artists Isaac Mizrahi, Todd Schorr, Spencer Finch, Joan Jonas, and Mary Heilmann.  These artists find inspiration in a wide range of sources including: insects, color, contrasts, architecture, books, comics, postcards, maps, menus, memories, nature, tea bowls, tv shows, and other artists

Grade Level: 


Subject Areas: 

Art, Geography, Language Arts, Science

National Visual Standards: 

5th-8th Grade Content Standards 5 and 6; 9th-12th Grade Content Standards 3, 4, 5, and 6