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TECHNO MYSTIC explores the incongruous co-existence of mysterious phenomena and modern technologies.
TECHNO MYSTIC uses YouTube as a spirit medium, bringing together seven artist-made films and videos that explore the incongruous co-existence of mystical beliefs and modern technologies. 
In Deborah Stratman's video 'It Will Die Out in the Mind,' words from the film 'Stalker' appear on screen. "My dear, the world is unbelievably boring... There's no telepathy, no ghosts, no flying saucers. They can't exist." Stratman and the other artists call this statement into question, with varying results. Apichatpong Weerasethakul plays an anthem for the spirits of cinema; Jon Rafman wanders haunted, computer-generated ruins; Shana Moulton is transformed by a mysterious exercise ball; Seth Price creates a ghost story for YouTube viewers; Sam Fleischner's séance uses lo-fi visual effects to give departed surfers one last session. We know that such things "can't exist" in a world made of plastic and wire and ones and zeros, and yet they still retain a kind of power in our collective imagination.
Curated by Michael Connor
Artists: Sam Fleischner, Shana Moulton, Seth Price, Jon Rafman, Deborah Stratman, Apichatpong Weerasethakul
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